The Brass Spittoon

Os Guinness on Liberty and Hope

May 2, 2021

Prolific author and social critic Os Guinness discusses the current challenges for liberty and his hopes for the future. The Chinese-born, English-educated, Irish-rooted scholar who lives in America also shares insights from his time at L’Abri and talks some Arsenal football.


2:00 “Home” to Os Guinness

3:30 Beer in his blood

5:15 Under his own vine and fig

7:45 Hospitality lessons from Edith Schaeffer

10:45 The 1960s, Jefferson Airplane and the long march

12:30 The Call, place, and the Jesus Go-Fest

16:00 Soccer Super League

17:15 A quiet voice?

18:45 Civility and respect for words

19:30 Books over tweets

22:00 An intellectual knee on the neck of America

24:00 Freedoms, negative and positive

25:30 The pandemic and liberty

27:00 Respecting others in a free society

28:30 A Magna Carta from Mount Sinai

31:00 Civic education and the value of transmission

32:00 1776 v. 1789

34:00 Approaches to justice and Black Lives Matter

36:45 A post-rights world?

38:00 (Chief Justice) Burger for lunch

39:30 7 year-old revolutionary refugees of the world unite

42:00 Hope in the face of stark realism


The Magna Carta for Humanity


The Williamsburg Charter

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